Team GP VeloTek is a USA Cycling club based along Interstate I-70 with riders from Manhattan to Lee Summit and soon to be St. Louis. Our Mountain squad lives in Albuquerque New Mexico. We hold training rides and weeknight rides in Topeka, Lawrence, and Shawnee, Kansas. We race regionally and nationally and are comprised of youth, junior, and senior riders who grow the sport and their individual abilities while having fun in a supportive environment. Don’t let that fun statement fool you. Our riders and alumni have earned 8 National Championship Jerseys, gone to a couple World’s and one pro contract.

Jim Whittaker is the coach and founder of Team GP VeloTek. We were founded April of 2004 during some turbulent times in Kansas Cycling. Jim’s vision was to bring Beginners to Elite cyclist under one roof and have them race a broad race schedule and further their own personal development.. Your one stop shop for cycling success. Jim has been coaching professionally through VeloTek Performance, LLC since 1994 and has helped hundreds of athletes improve. Jim has coached collegiate racers, women, juniors and Masters level athletes to a handful of National Championship jerseys in Cross, Road and Mountain Bike. Jim works with Professional athletes to 1st timers and everyone in-between. Not everyone can be a bike pro but a pro coach and a pro attitude will go a long way to making you really fast. Jim is a USA Cycling Licensed Category 1 coach and he can be reached at 913.269.VELO.

The team is guided by 5 spokes:

Development: To improve our cycling abilities, education, personal growth and opportunities.

Leadership: To lead by example on and off the bike.

Teamwork: To work for others, our teammates, family, and cycling supporters and partners.

Service: To serve our community, team, sport and partners.

Excellence: To do our best in every situation.